Jim Rogers is shorting US treasuries

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Legendary investor Jim Rogers is shorting the US treasury market. As he explains in this interview a hyper inflationary global economic environment is being created by government fixes. This will turn the current US dollar rally into a rout.

More immediately the big rally in US stocks yesterday happened when the bond market was closed for Columbus Day. Now we should have

and start putting money from their savings account into their trading account in the hope of getting back the money that they have lost. This leads to even further losses. Trading without having proper trading knowledge or without having a trade plan is an act of pure gamble. Trading is a game where one needs to work out the probabilities. One should also know ways to control emotions and pick up trades carefully that has a higher probability of working out.

It is really dangerous to trade based on recommendations by brokers or analysts on TV’s. The new trader follows these tips blindly. The regular day of a novice trader starts with switching on the TV in the morning and jotting down the trades that the so called trading pundits give on TV. As soon as the market opens they rush to place the trades that they had noted down in the morning. Understand that not every analyst on TV is an expert and following then blindly will do you no good. It is important that you do your own research before taking the trades. You should rely on your research or research done by an expert brokerage firm to decide on what to buy and what to sell in the market.

Trading using margins seems tempting. It feels like you are trading using some free money. When the broker gives you margin money to trade on then this lets you trade for more amount of capital than what you have in your trading account. This however just means that now you have more open positions. If you tend to lose on the Bitcoin Trader platform then you will have to pay off from your own pocket which could be paying from your savings. Margin trading is definitely not recommended to those who are new to trading.

an enormously concentrated sell-off in bonds as a follow through from yesterday’s equity rally – that should be the end of the bubble in bonds.