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Technical chart shows silver price about to leap towards $100 an ounce

If the double bottom established by gold last year is good for the gold price it is outstandingly good news for silver. The latest technical chart from guru Clive Maund establishes a clear upward bounce…
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Posted on 17 March 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

Could Chinese gold reserves trigger the next big rally in gold prices?

Could an announcement about huge new Chinese gold reserves be the next trigger for higher gold prices? Chinese gold buying has been on a roll over the past year and it would come as no…
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Posted on 18 February 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver, Investment Gurus, Video Channel

Gold’s continued advance as stocks recover to previous highs shows something else behind this rally

The New Year naysayers who predicted a fall in the gold price to nearer $1,000 an ounce than its present $1,323 quite convincingly argued that an economic recovery and higher equity prices this year will…
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Posted on 18 February 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

Stock market crash the only factor likely to avoid a boring year for gold hears new Dubai commodity conference

Only a major crash in global stock markets is likely to avoid this being a very boring year for the gold price, according to the precious metals panel that deliberated on the price of gold…
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Posted on 09 February 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver, US Stocks

China corners the gold market like the Hunt Brothers goosed silver in 1980

China has effectively cornered the gold market over the past couple of years by draining the vaults of the world and will now create a shortage of the yellow metal that will hike its price…
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Posted on 25 January 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

Long-term silver chart points to huge price gains very soon

The chart below won’t surprise subscribers to our proprietary newsletter (click here).
Our New Year edition flagged up the amazing outlook for silver and a couple of ways of levering this without debt, though…
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Posted on 24 January 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

China set to hike official gold reserves to 5,000 tonnes next to combat its growing financial crisis?

The Internet is abuzz with rumours that China may be about to reveal its new official gold reserves with a total of up to 5,000 tonnes way above its previous 2009 tally of 1,054 tonnes.…
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Posted on 22 January 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

Chinese buying boosts Perth Mint gold sales by 41% in 2013 and silver coin sales by 33%

Voracious buying from China boosted sales of gold coins and bullion bars from 533,333 to 754,635 ounces at the Perth Mint last year, while silver coin sales were up by 33 per cent to 8,600,000…
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Posted on 03 January 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

Why the selling of gold by ETPs this year is the key to the next big hike in the gold price

At first sight the huge amounts of gold being sold by Western gold exchange traded products this year sounds a disaster for gold and indeed it has greatly contributed to the recent slump in gold…
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Posted on 20 December 2013 Categories: Gold & Silver

US to export a record 750 tonnes of gold this year, mainly to China as local investors respond to high domestic inflation

If you want any more proof of the massive accumulation of gold this year by China then consider the latest US gold export figures. This will come as no surprise to precious metal traders or…
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Posted on 18 December 2013 Categories: Gold & Silver