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China sets up $16bn fund to invest in gold mining projects

China has launched a fund that is expected to raise around $16 billion for gold-related investments, including developing gold mining projects, as part of the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, reported China Daily today.
This dwarfs…
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Saxo Bank forecasts $1,425-1,450 an ounce gold this year on Chinese policy shift

China‚Äôs multi-billion dollar Silk Road Initiative will prompt Beijing to pull money out of Europe and the United States for infrastructure investments elsewhere, says Saxo’s Steen Jakobsen. Here he explains why this could send interest…
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China Times’ article discusses 30,000 ton gold reserve speculation

Speculation about the real size of Chinese gold reserves, which have not been updated since April 2009, are reaching fever pitch with some hyped-up nonsense about 30,000 tons being the true figure.
But as a…
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Posted on 16 May 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver

Chinese equity bubble to pop boosting gold prices as China officially confirms its huge gold reserves?

The Chinese equity bubble continued to inflate last week with 3.25 million new brokerage accounts. How long can the market sustain that sort of momentum? Another week? A month? That’s the problem with exponential market…
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Negative interest rates are heaven for gold prices with $9,000 to $12,000 in an IMF currency reset

Did I blink or have the yields on German bonds just gone negative this week? That means after inflation bondholders are losing money. Holders of gold, on the other hand, have just seen record prices…
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Gold buying by central banks second highest in 50 years in 2014 as gold starts the year with higher prices

Do the central banks know something about the money supply that they are not telling us? Last year they added 477 tonnes of gold bullion to their reserves, the second-biggest rise in 50 years and…
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Posted on 12 February 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver

Gold analyst Dan Popescu offers five reasons to buy gold in 2015 and a $5,000-an-ounce ‘mania phase scenario’ by 2022

Gold analyst Dan Popescu of offers his top five reasons for buying gold this year and outlines his favored future scenario for the future of the precious metal’s price, a mania phase that ends…
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Dennis Gartman would be surprised if Russians were not selling gold and says ruble/dollar will collapse below 100 and oil to $30

Newsletter writer Dennis Gartman pitches in with some stunning observations on the collapse of the ruble over the past week which he compares to similar crises in the past in Mexico. He does not think…
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How the global central banks are manipulating the gold price to rig their currencies and fool markets

Central banks around the world are suppressing the gold price in order to defend their currencies, explains Chris Powell, secretary of the Gold Antitrust Action Committee. GATA has accumulated overwhelming evidence of this gold price…
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Posted on 02 December 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver, Video Channel

Precious metals retest lows as Swiss vote on gold sends a false price signal as all Indian import restrictions suddenly end

Swiss voters yesterday resoundingly rejected a referendum to boost the role of gold in central bank reserves and ban exports. The price of gold headed back to $1,150 and silver fell below $15 an ounce.…
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Posted on 01 December 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver