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$150 oil will shock markets warns Jim Rogers as Egypt boils

Posted on 31 January 2011 with 2 comments from readers

The commodities bull market has many years to go and oil is heading past $150-a-barrel warns legendary investor Jim Rogers who caught the commodities bull a few months early in 1999. Own real assets, not stocks and bonds, he says.

Stocks were not a good place to be in the 1970s. President Obama does not understand what is going on. Only another financial crisis will resolve the debt crisis.

Posted on 31 January 2011 Categories: Banking & Finance, Bond Markets, Global Economics, Investment Gurus, Video Channel

2 Comments posted by readers:

Comment by obewon - 31 January 2011

I listen carefully when Jim Rogers speaks.

“President Obama does not understand what is going on.” Now that’s an understatement!

Comment by Bill Simpson near Slidell - 01 February 2011

The only thing that can save the world economy in the intermediate term is a vast increase in oil exports from Iraq. Only Iraq now has enough surplus oil production capacity to flatten the top of the peak oil curve for another decade or so. That is the only thing that can stop the oil price from going through the roof sometime during the next 5 years. Keep your fingers crossed that the big company experts can get it done. If not, Egypt will become the norm all over this planet.
We are all very lucky that a determined Texan found a way to get natural gas from shale. And the first shale gas well outside of North America was just completed in India.
Some fool on FOX NOISE TV is saying that we don’t have inflation in the USA. I should send her the notice I got Saturday informing me that my water/sewer bill was going up by $76 per year. It is approaching half the cost of electricity!!! That, in an area with nearly 2 METERS of rainfall PER YEAR. Can you say RIP OFF! (I feel better now.)

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