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The inevitable debt default ahead for the US, UK and Japan makes the eurozone look cool

Posted on 23 February 2014 with 1 comment from readers

A reminder that the big macro issues of the global economy are far from solved. The huge debts that brought us the last global financial crisis have only gotten bigger since then.

Kevin Doran, senior fund manager at Brown Shipley, and David Bloom, global head of foreign exchange strategy at HSBC, discuss the global economic outlook and the chance the US, UK and Japan could default on their debt. You sometimes wonder if the eurozone’s problems are really so bad!

Posted on 23 February 2014 Categories: Banking & Finance, Bond Markets, Global Economics, Investment Gurus, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Video Channel

1 Comment posted by readers:

Comment by Masgrande - 01 March 2014

When calculating a “safe” debt-to-income ratio, most analysts have it wrong.
Instead of using the ratio of GDP to national debt, I think the correct ratio to use is federal tax revenue to national debt. Using that ratio for the US, it is very obvious the US will never pay back its debt, and is already beyond bankruptcy.

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