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Top investor Jeremy Grantham says bottom in for oil and gold prices

Commodities are the cheapest they have ever been by comparison to US stocks, and for true contrarian investors this is a major signal to sell the overpriced asset class and buy the bargain one. Chief…
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QE will return to hike gold and oil prices predicts Albert Edwards

What could revive gold and oil prices from their current cyclical lows? It was quantitative easing that pushed prices up after the last global financial crisis. Is it about to happen all over again? Central…
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Perth Mint reports boom in gold demand from China, India and Thailand

Today’s survey showing a fall in gold demand may already be history as Perth Mint reports a boom in demand from China, India and Thailand in the wake of recent price falls. Perth Mint Treasurer…
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Chinese stock market crash the end of gold’s bear phase?

Could a six-year cyclical low for gold demand prove to be a major cyclical low for the precious metal? Certainly it looks the exact inverse of the six-year global stock market recovery, and that has…
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Posted on 29 July 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Personal Finance, Sovereign Wealth Funds

Could this really finally be the moment to buy the gold miners?

Casey Research is making the same case it has made numerous times over the past few years, and always been wrong: namely that now is the moment for contrarian investors to pile into gold mining…
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Posted on 28 July 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver

Shanghai stocks plummet 8.5% and gold price rallies 1.7%

The Shanghai Composite Index plummeted 8.5 per cent on Monday, heading for its biggest sell-off in eight years, while the gold price advanced by 1.7 per cent as Chinese investors dumped stocks and bought precious…
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Mike Swanson: Fed rally this week and August bear market to follow

The concentration of the stock market’s optimism into just a few companies leaves it hugely vulnerable to a crash, argues market maven Mike Swanson in an emergency Sunday stock market mastermind session with David Skarica…
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Martin Armstrong calls cyclical bottom for gold prices, now to $5,000?

Famously controversial futurologist, economist and business cycle expert Martin Armstrong, who forecast ‘$5,000+’ an ounce gold for 2016 on November 7th 2009 more than five years ago, now says gold touched rock bottom last week.…
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Posted on 26 July 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver

Equity and bond market weakness to send gold price much higher

A ‘prolonged bout of weakness’ in financial markets is about to shatter confidence in central bankers and boost the gold price, argues one of the world’s best respected fund managers, John Hathaway of Tocqueville Gold…
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Hedge funds net short in gold ETFs for the first time ever

Hedge funds are net short in gold ETFs for the first time ever. But is this such a big deal? Shorting is what hedge funds do. Retail investors have been out buying record amounts, taking…
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