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How will gold hold up against a strong US dollar this time round?

Gold prices usually take a walloping whenever the US dollar gains in strength as it did last week as Fed chair Janet Yellen delivered her latest non-statement to keep financial market pootling along for a…
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Euro now heading for parity with the US dollar as the Greek drama unfolds?

Are we going to hear something bad about Greece over this long weekend? Nevermind the Fed what about the European Central Bank and its money printing program?
Bill Blain, strategist at Mint Partners, explains why…
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Jim Cramer says sell China as stocks hit a seven-year high

Spot the parabolic spike in prices of Chinese equities. We all know what has to happen next. What goes up must come down. Look for the next bull market like gold, not the last one!…
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Bullish call on gold from HSBC as its chief economist Stephen King warns global economy on the cusp of a major collapse

It’s no longer the lunatic fringe of forecasters who are warning about a coming apocalypse for the global economy. Perhaps it is time to sit up and pay attention rather than wait to be overcome…
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Saxo Bank forecasts $1,425-1,450 an ounce gold this year on Chinese policy shift

China‚Äôs multi-billion dollar Silk Road Initiative will prompt Beijing to pull money out of Europe and the United States for infrastructure investments elsewhere, says Saxo’s Steen Jakobsen. Here he explains why this could send interest…
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Silver price breakout set to be confirmed when US dollar weakens again

Volatility is increasing on the foreign exchange markets with the US dollar staging a comeback from its recent sell-off, if only because the situation in Greece is bad news for the euro and the UK…
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Q1 physical gold sales up 20% in Germany as gold price hits $1,233

Gold prices began the week at their best for three months and immediately bounced higher again to $1,233 an ounce with silver outperforming with higher percentage gains at $17.74.
Meantime, the latest World Gold Council…
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Posted on 18 May 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Hedge Funds, Investment Gurus, Personal Finance, US Dollar

Why the US dollar will weaken considerably from here boosting gold prices

Patrick Bennett, FX strategist at CIBC, says the US dollar could weaken ‘considerably from here’, as markets have yet to adjust expectations following recent soft data.
Gold prices shot up $50 last week as the…
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China Times’ article discusses 30,000 ton gold reserve speculation

Speculation about the real size of Chinese gold reserves, which have not been updated since April 2009, are reaching fever pitch with some hyped-up nonsense about 30,000 tons being the true figure.
But as a…
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Posted on 16 May 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver

Could this be a period of asset price inflation across the board?

Last week saw a spate of poor economic data signaling an economic slowdown that might put the US into recession for the first half of this year. But still the bulls have not lost hope.…
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