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Oil and gas firms getting ready for a bonanza in Iran if sanctions are lifted this month face two problems

Oil and gas companies preparing for a bonanza in Iran if the market opens up as sanctions are lifted this month face two problems: first the price of oil and gas is likely to plunge…
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Posted on 31 March 2015 Categories: Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds, US Stocks

Final edition of the ArabianMoney monthly newsletter a ‘must-keeper’ says Chris Mayer

The final edition of the monthly ArabianMoney investment newsletter is a ‘must-keeper’ says author Chris Mayer, managing editor of Agora Financial and one of the best-selling financial newsletter writers in the world.
‘I’m sorry to…
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Crude oil prices have bottomed out says newsletter guru Dennis Gartman

Crude oil has put in a double bottom and prices are now on the way back up, says Dennis Gartman. But he is not quite willing to call a top in the US dollar just…
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Posted on 27 March 2015 Categories: Oil & Gas, SMEs, Sovereign Wealth Funds, US Dollar, US Stocks, Video Channel

Oil prices rising due to geopolitical risk from war in Yemen as fundamentals still show oversupply

Crude oil prices are up five per cent after the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on Yemen this week. But Azlin Ahmad, an editor at Argus Media, says that unless violence in Yemen escalates, prices will likely…
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Posted on 27 March 2015 Categories: Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Video Channel

Gulf equities drop and oil prices jump as 150,000 Saudi troops mass on the border with Yemen

With the conflict between Yemen and Saudi Arabia increasing and reports of 150,000 troops massing on the border, CNBC’s Hadley Gamble and NBC’s Ali Arouzi explain the effects on the countries involved and the impact…
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Posted on 26 March 2015 Categories: GCC Economics, GCC Real Estate, GCC Stock Markets, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

Why Professor Robert Shiller is buying everything oil-related and thinks the Fed is in no hurry to raise interest rates

Robert Shiller, 2013 Nobel Laureate in economics and economics professor at Yale University, explains why oil is among his top investments now and that Fed isn’t in a hurry to hike rates. Stock prices are…
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US stocks slump as euro strengthens, buy backs stop and economic data weakens

Wednesday saw a big sell-off in US equities as the euro strenghtened, buy backs stayed in a black-out period and economic data continued to surprise to the downside. The Dow fell 290 points and the…
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Yemen conflict lifts global oil prices and causes sell-off in global stocks

Seventeen million barrels of oil come out of the Arabian Gulf every day and much of it comes through the Red Sea and Suez Canal and that means the conflict in Yemen is potentially a…
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Financial markets have become too complacent about the Middle East says former Goldman guru Jim O’Neill

Oil prices rallied yesterday on news that Saudi Arabia is intervening militarily in Yemen while the US has decided to keep its troops in Afghanistan at least until next year. Geopolitics are back as a…
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Looming $14bn corporate debt crisis to be six-times larger than subprime warns Jim Rickards in his new book

A combination of $5 trillion in energy-related corporate debt issued from 2009-14 and $9 trillion in emerging market dollar-denominated corporate debt is a timebomb for the global economy warns hedge fund manager and author Jim…
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