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Oil price recovery to continue though capped at around $70-a-barrel for 2015

A new consensus view is emerging in the oil market with many traders now expecting mild gains for crude through the summer, and into the rest of the year. This represents a sharp turnaround from…
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Posted on 26 May 2015 Categories: Oil & Gas, SMEs, US Stocks, Video Channel

Why supplying even more weapons to the Iraqi army is not the answer to ISIS and Middle East stability

The world looks on aghast as the Islamic State makes further incursions into Syria and Iraq, and policymakers seem very unsure about what their response should be now. The politics of oil and the Middle…
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Posted on 26 May 2015 Categories: Global Economics, Media & Culture, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

Emaar announces IPO for its Egyptian arm as profits jump valuing the company at $2.8bn

Emaar Properties has announced its intention to float its Egyptian unit on Cairo’s bourse valuing the company at around $2.8 billion. The parent group will retain an 87 per cent stake in the subsidiary after…
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Posted on 20 May 2015 Categories: GCC Real Estate, GCC Stock Markets, Oil & Gas

Will the GCC leaders meeting with President Obama impact oil prices?

Dennis Gartman of the Gartman Letter looks at what the implications President Obama’s important meeting in Washington with the Gulf leaders and their representatives has for oil prices.
Will it actually have an impact? Has…
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Oil not back above $100 before 2020 says Breitling Energy’s Chris Faulkner

The oil price is currently at a high in the middle of forming a double-bottom with prices heading back down again to test the lows of this year before they go to $65 to $85-a-barrel…
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Posted on 12 May 2015 Categories: Hedge Funds, Investment Gurus, Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds

Oil prices on the way back down?

After rallying to $65 a barrel are oil prices about to fall again, putting in a double bottom? The problem is that the price recovery is everything to do with speculation and nothing to do…
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As bond prices tip over and crash gold and silver will rise and rise in price and so will oil

Why did the Bank of Settlements hit the gold price so hard last week? (click here) Viewed against the movements in the bond market since then it was obviously a last ditch attempt to…
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Meet the new younger faces among the rulers of Saudi Arabia

When Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz named his son, Mohammed bin Salman, to the role of Deputy Crown Prince, analysts say it signaled a push to skew younger in a country where almost half the…
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Crude oil ends the week up 3% where to next?

CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis reports natural gas inventories. The rig count was down, and oil was too on the day. Nevertheless, crude was up more than three per cent on the week.
Will the bull market…
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Are oil prices set to continue their recovery?

Oil prices have continued to rise even after the pathetic Q1 GDP growth from the United States yesterday. Something seems to have happened in the crude market and precious metals are also up.
Mike Scialla…
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