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If inflation is really not dead but resting then precious metals and oil are the thing to be buying

Buying stocks on the momentum trade as central banks around the world gradually hiked their monetary bases over the past five years has been a winning hand. However, the next stage of the central bank…
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Next surprise for investors will be global inflation as economies recover says Skandinaviska chief strategist

Central banks will keep pumping up the global economy until inflation does develop and that will be the next surprise for investors. How do they prepare for that? Buy gold? Mining stocks? Broader equities could…
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What’s next for oil prices as uncertainty mounts over the Ukraine?

The geopolitics of oil have just become a great deal more complicated by the stand-off between Russia and the world community over the Ukraine. Where are oil prices going next, and can oil be used…
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Posted on 29 March 2014 Categories: Oil & Gas, Video Channel

Oil price spike to $140 looms as global demand now exceeds supply

With Brent crude topping $110 oil prices look poised to shoot through the top of recent ranges amid growing global demand and that could boost US crude prices by 36 per cent from current levels,…
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Posted on 25 February 2014 Categories: Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Video Channel

Will the next global financial crisis be made in China or Japan?

The two giants of Asia almost seem to be competing with one another to become the cause of the next global financial crisis. So will the next downturn be made in China or Japan?
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Posted on 20 February 2014 Categories: Banking & Finance, Bond Markets, Global Economics, Oil & Gas, US Dollar, US Stocks

Why the economic outlook for Russia and the GCC Oil States looks so very similar

Readers of our monthly ArabianMoney investment newsletter (subscribe here) will know that we think Russia has a far better economic outlook than the miserable state of its stock market would currently suggest. That’s because…
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Still time to catch our hot tips for 2014 in the first Arabianmoney newsletter of the New Year!

It’s still too early to say whether our monthly subscription newsletter has called the New Year correctly but the first indications are good with silver and gold rallying sharply and stocks going on an unexpected…
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Oil price estimates for 2014 vary from $80 to $140-a-barrel

Is this going to be a boom or bust year for the Oil States? In the gloomy corner sits Jeremy Warner of the Daily Telegraph whose 2014 forecasts all turn on $80-a-barrel oil due to…
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Posted on 31 December 2013 Categories: Global Economics, Investment Gurus, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

Surging gold prices, Q1 stock market crash and Middle Eastern wars galore in 2014 predicts Gerald Celente

Well Gerald Celente was wrong with his predictions about a wider war in the Middle East this year. Will he be right for 2014? We hope not. Perhaps his prediction for a big rebound in…
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Just how outrageous are Saxo Bank’s 10 wild predictions for 2014?

Every New Year the Danish bank Saxo offers its ten most outrageous predictions for 2014. They are intended to shock and be taken as extreme ideas of what might happen in the year to come,…
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