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Beware oil and stocks heading in opposite directions as options close

Yesterday’s big rally in stocks may be more of a last hurrah or spike than a more substantial directional change. Fundamentals did not change after all and the oil price rally quickly failed. Oil prices…
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Posted on 19 December 2014 Categories: Oil & Gas, Personal Finance, Sovereign Wealth Funds, US Stocks, Video Channel

Dubai stocks zoom up 13% so is everything OK now?

The Dubai Financial Market General Index zoomed up 13 per cent today to close at 3,426 after Brent crude recovered modestly to $62-a-barrel and Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said nothing to change opinions that…
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Posted on 18 December 2014 Categories: GCC Stock Markets, Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds

How did the Fed manage to calm stock market nerves without changing its policy?

How did the Fed manage to calm stock market nerves without changing its policy? Perhaps this thought may jangle in Wall Street today. To keep on a path to raising rates with the emerging markets…
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Oil could fall to $30 says Emirates boss but talk of scrapping A380 ‘taken out of context’

The airline industry is set to reap the benefits of lower oil prices, which could fall to as low as $30-a-barrel, according to the Emirates Airline CEO Sir Tim Clark. ‘I’ve always thought personally it…
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Posted on 17 December 2014 Categories: Business Travel, GCC Economics, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

UAE well defended against oil price shocks but not immune says Minister of Economy who still sees GDP growth in 2015

‘The UAE economy is capable of overcoming negative repercussions, which are unfavourable to the global economy, and absorb shocks in the short term,’ the minister of economy, Sultan Al Mansouri told a conference in Dubai…
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Pimco and Dubai only the first to feel the fall-out from Russia’s currency implosion far worse will follow

The US bond fund giant Pacific Investment Management Company is facing mounting losses on its Russian bond holdings, reported Bloomberg today. ‘Almost every bullish ruble option contract registered in the US has been made worthless…
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Look what happened to the US economy after the 2008 oil price collapse it is not good news argues Peter Schiff

QE sent the US stock market and real estate into bubbles and oil. Now oil is the first bubble to pop. Think back to 2008 and how the oil price collapse then was not good…
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Defense of Russian ruble fails, heading for first currency collapse in modern times, ruble/dollar 80

The Russian Central Bank hiked rates to 17 per cent in an emergency rate move over night to bolster the ruble. But the currency was unable to hold onto gains against the US dollar as…
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Posted on 16 December 2014 Categories: Global Economics, Oil & Gas, US Dollar, Video Channel

Oil price could rebound to $100 by the end of next year if demand improves with the US economy

When will Saudi Arabia cut supply to boost the oil price? Perhaps it is never going to happen. Will demand rise to the upside due to the US economic recovery? That’s what some analysts think.…
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Posted on 16 December 2014 Categories: Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds, US Stocks, Video Channel

Dennis Gartman would be surprised if Russians were not selling gold and says ruble/dollar will collapse below 100 and oil to $30

Newsletter writer Dennis Gartman pitches in with some stunning observations on the collapse of the ruble over the past week which he compares to similar crises in the past in Mexico. He does not think…
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