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Top oil trader Andy Hall says oil prices on the way back up

Top oil trader Andy Hall has closed out his bearish bets on oil and is predicting a price recovery in crude sooner than many analysts expect.
In his latest letter to investors the CEO of…
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Why Dennis Gartman thinks the dollar, oil and gold will go higher

Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter, hones in on gold prices, currency wars and crude oil. The dollar and gold look the top currency picks while oil won’t stay low forever.
Still does that leave much…
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Posted on 03 March 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Oil & Gas, US Dollar, US Stocks, Video Channel

Time to short the Swiss franc and worry more about the US dollar says ex-Goldman chief Jim O’Neill

Former Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chairman Jim O’Neill shares his thoughts on currencies and shorting the Swiss franc, and tries to get ahead of the curve. He’s been very good at doing this in the…
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Posted on 26 February 2015 Categories: Global Economics, Hedge Funds, Oil & Gas, US Dollar, Video Channel

Why oil prices may not have hit the bottom just yet

Rising inventories of oil around the world could well lead to another leg down for oil prices, even if demand is picking up in some quarters, not least due to the tough winter weather.
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US stock markets still in a bubble phase and going up says Dennis Gartman

Having gotten caught with his shorts down a couple of times before Dennis Gartman, founder, editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter, has learnt the hard way that an upside trend remains in US equities,…
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How to play surging gold, oil and agricultural stocks

Gold’s trusty ‘mac-dee’ indicator is calling a buy signal for the first time in five years. Oil prices have shot back up over the past week and agricultural commodity prices are firming up.
If you…
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Gold, silver and oil lead the rebound in commodity prices

CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis discusses Friday’s activity in the commodities markets. Rig counts declined and a very slight boost to GDP numbers was taken as meaning that Europe maybe getting stronger.
Natural gas, silver and gold…
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Posted on 14 February 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Hedge Funds, Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Video Channel

Greece and the Ukraine bring Europe back to the brink of a major financial crisis

Talks on the Greek debt crisis showed no sign of progress yesterday and the ceasefire in Ukraine agreed after 15-hours of negotiations is not expected to hold. Greece will be back in Brussels next Monday…
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Crude oil prices tumble back down again as Citi makes $20 call

CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis discusses the day’s activity in the commodities markets. Crude was down big on the day as the EIA said it would take time to work through inventories. Chinese crude imports were also…
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Posted on 11 February 2015 Categories: Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Video Channel

All eyes on the euro as Greece and Ukraine crises reach critical points

Sue Trinh, senior currency strategist at RBC Capital Markets and Charles Blankley, CIO at Gemmer Asset Management, discuss the ongoing Greek debt negotiations and how it could move the euro.
Meanwhile, the imminent war in…
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