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Russia will takeover eastern Ukraine predicts senior analyst

Euro Pacific Capital’s John Browne told CNBC it’s not even near the beginning of the end of the conflict in Ukraine.
‘President Vladimir Putin is very firm. I don’t think this is even the beginning…
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Stocks slump and bonds and gold rally as Ukraine attacks Russian invaders

Wall Street plunged into the red this afternoon, and bonds and gold rallied, on news that the Ukrainian military had engaged and mainly destroyed a Russian armoured column that crossed into its territory last night.…
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US air strikes in Iraq and weasel words from Russia induce a false calm

Financial markets finished the week on a more upbeat note with a late rally on Wall Street. Investors were apparently cheered by a couple of 500lb bombs dropped on the Islamic State’s artillery in Iraq…
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Gold gains as US strikes Islamic State and Russia prepares for war

Gold prices jumped to $1,323 today as recent manipulation by central banks to suppress the price failed in the face of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine and the US president authorizing air strikes against…
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Posted on 08 August 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver, Hedge Funds, Oil & Gas, Sovereign Wealth Funds, US Dollar, US Stocks

Russian invasion of Ukraine would be a bloody fight

Financial markets are just beginning to price in a Russian invasion of the Ukraine, perhaps with a self-proclaimed peacekeeping mandate. But this would not be an easy fight.
Jeff Mankoff, Fellow and Deputy Director at…
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Foreigners invest $941m in Saudi proxy shares hoping for ownership rights

Foreign investors spend a total of $941 million on Saudi proxy shares last month, more than double the amount in June after an announcement promised full ownership rights early next year.
At the moment foreigners…
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Marc Faber on how the Middle East crisis could escalate and oil and gold surge

Where is the crisis in the Middle East moving next? Does the situation in Gaza have much of an investment impact aside from the horror of the human tragedy?
Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom,…
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How will Russia respond to the new EU and US economic sanctions?

The US and European Union’s tough new economic sanctions on Russia are surely not going to go without a response. Russia supplies a third of the world’s largest economy’s energy.
Leonid P. Moiseev, Russian Federation’s…
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Drastic EU sanctions on Russia could tip markets up this week

European Union officials were putting the final touches on a batch of harsh sanctions against Russia this weekend that will effectively push Russian companies out of global financial markets.
The downing of the Malaysian flight…
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Emirates turns back flight to Kiev after Malaysian 777 shot down

Emirates Airline turned a plane bound for Kiev last night back to Dubai and suspended all flights to the Ukraine after a Malaysian 777 was shot down over territory held by separatist rebels with the…
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Posted on 18 July 2014 Categories: Bond Markets, Business Travel, Gold & Silver, Oil & Gas, US Stocks

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