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China crisis fear sends stocks and commodities lower

Fears that China may be prepared to accept lower growth this year sent Asian stocks tumbling while Western futures also fell along with commodities like oil, gold and silver hit hard.
Chinese finance minister Lou…
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Dollar’s longest rally since 1973 could pop the stock market bubble

US multinationals are an enormous force in global commerce and when they send profits home they have to be changed into US dollars. Ergo a strong US dollar is toxic for profits and lower profits…
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Dennis Gartman turns bullish on the oil price

With the dollar likely to come under pressure this week if the Fed sounds less hawkish these may well be better days for gold, oil and other commodities. Besides the sell off has been overdone.…
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Posted on 16 September 2014 Categories: GCC Economics, Global Economics, Investment Gurus, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

Narrow victory expected for Scottish independence and economic suicide

The Scottish independence referendum is turning into the biggest mistake in modern British political history and an economic disaster for Scotland and the remaining rump of the UK. Most British observers are as appalled as…
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Why Middle East poses bigger systemic risk than Ukraine or China

The unfolding Russia-Ukraine crisis isn’t a systemic risk, one analyst told CNBC, warning that political tensions across the Middle East and North Africa region deserve greater attention.
‘The Middle East and Africa, no question about…
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Will the slide in commodity prices continue this week?

A stronger US dollar and liquidity being sucked out of the system is taking its toll on commodity prices. Is this a prelude for a stock market event?
CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis discusses Friday’s activity in…
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Eight-week low for oil prices due to weakening global economy

Forget geopolitical price scares. There is plenty of oil around to meet the weakening demand picture. This is about deteriorating global economic fundamentals.
Paul Sankey, Wolfe Research, explains how weak demand is impacting the price…
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Posted on 12 September 2014 Categories: Global Economics, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

How Iraq could still save oil prices

Hold those bearish bets on oil prices for a little longer. The Islamic State is not out of the game just yet.
If the crisis in Iraq escalates and disrupts oil supplies, all bets could…
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Posted on 11 September 2014 Categories: Investment Gurus, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

Oil faces a double whammy as supply increases and demand weakens

What is the outlook for oil prices as the global economy cools down and could be about to enter another recession in Europe?
After OPEC announced that it is cutting demand forecast for the next…
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Posted on 11 September 2014 Categories: Global Economics, Investment Gurus, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

SABIC thinks global energy complex can cope with the Ukraine crisis

Can the world energy complex cope with a major geopolitical crisis over the war in the Ukraine? What does shale gas mean for the future of energy supplies.
Speaking to CNBC at the World Economic…
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Posted on 10 September 2014 Categories: Global Economics, Oil & Gas, Video Channel

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