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Restaurant Review: Atayeb at the Yas Viceroy for a space age Arabian night out

Posted on 24 September 2012 with 1 comment from readers

Mercifully the summer heat is now dying down in the evenings and restaurant lovers can go in search of the coolest terrace in town. Half way between New Dubai and Abu Dhabi sits the space age Yas Viceroy hotel that glows purple in the night sky like a beached spaceship and features a clutch of amazing restaurants.

This is the only hotel in the world that straddles a Formula One racing track and it’s encased in a grid shell with lighting system incorporating video feeds that are transmitted over 5,096 diamond shaped, colour changing glass panels, so you have thousands of coloured lights against the surrounding landscape.

Arabic cuisine

We chose the Atayeb for an original take on Lebanese, Syrian and Morrocan cuisine and sat under the stars on the terrace that also overlooks the famous Formula One racing track. Being near to the door we enjoyed occasional wafts of air-conditioning that kept the temperature just right and the lighting makes for an almost trascendental experience.

Abu Dhabi always seems to have more time and space than Dubai, and this is just the spot for a leisurely stroll down the old culinary favorites of the region. We unhurriedly picked our way through both hot and cold mezzos. The almost invisible staff ferrying the plates like magic from the kitchen.

Tangy tabouli salad, creamy hummus dishes, french beans with a tomato sauce and then the tastiest small sausages and chicken livers, all with Arabian pita bread. It was almost a meal in itself, so large indeed that we needed a second table to accommodate all the dishes.

Succulent kebab

For the main course came a couple of minced-lamb kebab of perfect succulence with some french fries. Perhaps we were not adventurous enough, the long menu offered a considerable variety of Arabic food from one end of the Mediterranean to the other. The tiger prawns that passed our table looked very good.

Of course if you have a sweet tooth then the desserts of Arabia are always worth trying. Tiny pastries stuffed with cream, baklava cakes and baqlawa made of many layers of paper-thin dough with a filling of crushed nuts and sugar between the layers. You are spoilt again for choice.

This is the place for an Arabic space age night out where tradition meets science fiction and the Atayeb terrace is well worth seeking out now that the weather is cooling down.

Posted on 24 September 2012 Categories: Destinations & Hotels

1 Comment posted by readers:

Comment by Bernard M.A.Doff - 25 September 2012

This is a financial site, therefore you should quote the cost of this gourmet indulgence!

Ed Note: If you drink water then around AED275 per person.

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