London’s Shard half-a-kilometre shorter than Burj Khalifa and Dubai has 15 taller buildings

Posted on 03 April 2012 with 2 comments from readers

The Shard on the southbank opposite the Tower of London may now be the tallest building in Europe at 309 metres high but it would be a pretty average skyscraper in Dubai whose Burj Khalifa is more than half-a-kilometre higher.

There are 15 other Dubai skyscrapers higher than The Shard according to the skyscraper statistics website Emporis, and that includes the five tallest residential towers in the world. And remarkably Dubai has one more skyscraper than Shanghai, the commercial capital of China, the world’s second largest economy.

Taller buildings are the now new trends in the real estate construction industry. Everyone loves to buy a new house in the top floor of a taller building. Even they are too expensive than the ground floor houses. Once upon a time, people were in love with the ground floor houses, but now, the trend changes and all are wishing to get a house in the top floor. If we want to book a house, we can sneak a peek at this website, and get many ideas. But, we have to pay some fees for the brokers.

Taller buildings are like living in the sky and it is really a great experience for everyone. That’s why the owners never go for the resale of top floor houses. In Dubai, we can see only taller buildings everywhere. There is no rule for the construction of top buildings there. But, in India there is some restriction for the builders that they are allowed to build only four or five floors. If they don’t respect the rule, the building work will be stopped by the government.

So, it is in the hands of the government to make the country under control. The buildings should be built with quality bricks and all. Otherwise the taller buildings will not be safe to live with the kids. We have heard many news about the fall of taller building while constructing itself. So, the building constructors should think about the safety of the people who are going to live and work on it.  The n only they can see more and more profits in future. There are many websites available online to check for the new designs of buildings and the interior furnishing work. So, we can call the brokers and hand over those work to them. But, we should be very careful in watching their work, else they will get more money from us and cheat us by not doing quality work.

However, the Burj Khalifa’s record could soon be topped by Prince Alwaleed’s Kingdom Tower in Jeddah at one kilometre high.