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Astrologer Arch Crawford sees crash August through October

Posted on 18 July 2010 with 32 comments from readers

The astrologer acknowledged as one of the best financial market timers of the past 30 years is seeing the biggest disruption in the heavens for centuries early next month and running through October.

Arch Crawford has been tracking planetary activity with considerable success and his newsletter call was for a crash between May 1st and November 1st this year. The May 5th ‘flash crash’ already fulfills this but he thinks the downturn to come will be much, much worse.

Astrological nadir

July 31st to August 3rd has the biggest astrological disruption he has ever seen. This is the biggest nadir in the famous Bradley model of astrological cycles with a 200 year low on some calculations.

‘This is the biggest thing we have ever seen’, he told radio. ‘That includes the First World War, Great Depression and Second World War’.

Could this be some kind of major geopolitical event? It is hard to say but Crawford got the August 2nd 1990 invasion of Kuwait right, and has a string of similar forecasts under his belt.

Well, it is hard to dispute or confirm this analysis by astrology as a field of study we do not understand. All that can be said with conviction is that the market technicals favor a reversal of the long bear market rally, and that what has got up so high must come down.

Gold positive

Crawford is very positive on the outlook for gold, not surprisingly really in this disaster scenario, along with short positions.

If he was not so uncannily accurate in his market timing – something mere technical chartists cannot match – it would be easy to dismiss him as a crank; 2011 and 2012 also do not look good years!

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32 Comments posted by readers:

Comment by Bill Simpson in Slidell, LA. - 19 July 2010

Can he do worse than Greenspan’s Federal Reserve? Naw.

Comment by obewon - 19 July 2010

There is something to be said for the “field” of astrology, although it remains as an arcane science of sorts.

Introducing Jyotish:
It is said that the really accurate astrological predictions are those that are performed using Jyotish, an ancient form of Hindu astrology. Unlike western astrology, which employs a tropical zodiac and time measurements using the Sun, Jyotish employs sidereal time, which is a time measurement taken from distant stars, and therefore far more accurate. A sidereal day is approx. 4 minutes shorter than a solar day; over a 2000 year period, this translates to a rather large error factor of over 23 degrees (approx.) of earth rotation. So in other words, while I respect and agree with Crawford’s viewpoints and his conclusions, if he is not using sidereal time, his estimates could be off by approx. a month or so.

On the Flip Side:
Like any other science, astrology requires many years of study. In my experience, most of those who call themselves “astrologers” are just charlatans who have read a book or two, yet are not interested in life-long study.
In contrast, Crawford’s work speaks for itself.

Comment by Willie - 20 July 2010

I should stock up on magic beans and pixie dust, because the sky is falling. What an entertaining article.

Comment by John McGinley, CMT - 26 July 2010

Being off a month or so reminds me of the guy whose friend tells him the earth is going to blow up in a billion years. “Good God,” he said “did you say a billion years?” Told yes, he replied “Thank God, I thought you said a million years. Whew!”

Comment by Binky - 03 August 2010

Hmmm….seems like we have been rally pretty strong so far. Maybe he meant August of 2011.

Ed Note: Not if you look up today, see:

Comment by philip tressom - 08 August 2010

do you think it s serious? You are not scared to loose your credibility, mentionning atrological stuffs.. it s really hilarious!

Ed Note: He is a noted market timer, not so sure about this methodology!

Comment by Seth - 12 August 2010

Crawford called the crash in 2008 – I went to the bank on that call!

Comment by Don - 14 August 2010

I ‘followed’ astrology for a time…found a person I thought the ‘BEST’ astrologer I’d ever met, who described to a “T” the person I was in love with and declared we were ‘mated’ for sure…that was ten years ago and ‘my love’ and I haven’t spoken since… Hmmm…

Comment by Chome4 - 15 August 2010

“…something mere technical chartists cannot match…

Some ‘mere’ technical chartists are doing very well, thank you very much!

Comment by Steve of Australia - 19 August 2010

What absolute rubbish…Astrology is NOT a Science. Apply the scientific method i.e. double blind cross over test to astology and the result one gets is garbage…nothing more, nothing less! Any blind man and his eye seeing dog could tell you that there was a crash coming in 2008, just like 1987/88, 1990/91 and 2000 (Dot com bubble). Greenspan once mentioned “irrational exuberance” and that is what I have seen before every crash and I’ve thought to myself there is a crash coming soon but does that make me a psychic…no!
Astrology belongs in the same class as the tooth fairy, pixies, naturopathy, palm reading and religion.

Comment by obewon - 19 August 2010

19 August 2010 Update:
OK, folks, here’s an update by a noted physicist, regarding the upcoming solar flares this year, and the big ones coming in 2012. The potential effects could be absolutely devastating, according to him (and as you can see from my earlier posts, I agree).

Go here:

Comment by Illuminati tech - 25 August 2010

Those at the very top gear and plan their depressions, elevations etc to coincide with their Illuminati astro-relgion dates- the dates dont cause the events. If you know the rosetta key to their astrology, you know when they will catalyze their ritual economic ‘crashes’ etc. Yes those at thepinnacle really do operate their life and investing around this stuff. So learn their code aand you too can pe the perfect “prognosticator/prophet”. Its all in the math of the stars. Not magic or genius.l

Comment by ashok - 28 August 2010

You write,

“July 31st to August 3rd has the biggest astrological disruption he has ever seen. This is the biggest nadir in the famous Bradley model of astrological cycles with a 200 year low on some calculations.”

We are still waiting, waiting and waiting!

Comment by obewon - 28 August 2010

What I find interesting and amusing is the fact that this commentary was written back in mid July, yet it somehow “still has life in it.” Since I’m an amateur student of Jyotish, let me add my two cents worth; maybe it’ll keep this commentary alive for another two weeks.

I Believe Crawford’s Timing is Off:
Based on market fundamentals as well as assessments from chartists, I believe that Crawford’s timing is off by about a month, as I stated in a prior response. I respect Crawford’s viewpoints and his conclusions, but I doubt that he is using sidereal time in his calculations. Sidereal time is far more accurate than solar time. For a discussion of the differences between sidereal and solar, go here:

The “precession of the equinoxes” is a phenomenon that, in essence, results in a shift (i.e. the difference between sidereal and solar) of about one degree every 70 years. But since our “starting point”, for the purpose of calculations, goes back over 2000 years, this translates into a rather large error factor, if using solar time.

Market Fundamentals are Now Looking Very Bad:
OK, so let’s assume that there is still some merit to Crawford’s predictions, and let’s assume he was using solar time. The global stock markets as of Sept 2010 ( first 2 weeks in September) are looking very vulnerable, in spite of the futile attempts by the US FED to keep the stock market propped up, by buying Dow and S&P futures EVERY trading day.

What’s the Bottom Line?
So my “guesstimate” would be that on or about 13 September, the US stock market will experience a significant downturn.

Comment by Raj - 17 September 2010

I do believe in Vedic astrology more than manipulated casino markets. so now that we’re at september end, for this prediction to be right another 40 days to go. Its
possible that crash may occur after the BIG democrat win and the thumping of the useless teabaggers and repubics.

Comment by obewon - 17 September 2010

Update for 17 Sep ’10:
What I find so fascinating about the US stock market over the past year, and especially over the past few months, is the fact that the US FED is extremely active in pumping up this market at all costs.

The only reason why this market continues to oscillate is due to the FED’s POMO (Permanent Open-Mark Operation). The POMO is a mechanism where the Fed provides a massive amount of free money to the primary dealers (primary dealers are the big banks such as GS, JPM, etc.) so that these banks can continue to prop up the stock market every day . . . (yes, every day!).

Even a novice would be able to detect these egregious actions by the FED and their agents. All of this manipulation not withstanding, the market will still fall at some point in this wild movie.

Comment by David K - 29 September 2010

I can’t believe anyone would actually give any credence to this bunch of BALONEY.

Comment by sachin - 03 October 2010

I am watching all astrologer predicting about crash but nothing seems like that….markets are trading at their higher range and despite of lots of bad news stock markets surging and October also started now lets see how accurate he will be this time. Hope crash will come soon and we get some opportunity to enter the stock market again.

Comment by Gary - 04 October 2010

If you vated for Bush the second time around yoiu will lose everything you have.
Go repent to the chimp god even though it will do you know good

Comment by obewon - 04 October 2010

The stock market is, and has been, on artificial life support for a long time.
As I stated above (dated: 17 Sep), the PPT and POMO manipulations by the US government are the only reason why the stock market is not falling like a rock.

The PPT is Treasury Sec. Geithner’s Plunge Protection Team, of which he is the Chair. The POMO is the FED’s Permanent Open Market Operations desk, which is run by Bernanke. For more details on these PPT and POMO activities, here are some links. Graham Summers is a very experienced guy who knows his stuff. The second link is from a noted European banker. Rest assured, the market will fall soon, even with the massive manipulations from the US government.

Subject: Graham Summers Stock Market Forecast

Comment by basanti gawde - 14 October 2010

till today 14-10-2010 there is no impact of your forecast on stock market, can you give a appro. date for crash market

Ed Note: sorry I am not an astrologer but this forecast still stands…

Comment by Neo Tzu - 30 October 2010

Watch out…..some type of crash could still hit sometime November 2010.

If you go to Crawfords website you will find a PDF file on Mars-Uranus crash cycle which has a historical chart of this cycle.

Arguably the most devastating part of the Mars-Uranus crash cycle occurs 75 degrees after the 180 degree opposition which occurs MID NOVEMBER 2010

Today is October 30, 2010…..I will be back in 2 weeks to see how this prediction turns out.

If I am right and the stock market has a scary drop in November 2010, remember it was ASTROLOGY that did it, NOT the Fed, NOT the Elections, NOT Obama, NOT news from Greece, China, or the EU, and NOT Wall Street program trading manipulators.

Astrology is real but EXTREMELY complex since you are dealing in basically celestial mechanics…… let’s see what happens in November.

Comment by Neo Tzu - 01 November 2010

Here is the PDF for anyone interested….its an excellent read….

Comment by dujac - 02 November 2010

november 1st and no crash, this guy is a charlatan

Comment by Pat Anjali - 05 November 2010

The Dollar HAS crashed. People, caught up in their picture perfect, postcard world of illusion, just don’t see it, YET. Fact: you can’t print one trillion dollars and avoid catastrophic results. So, dujac, work on climbing out of your self inflicted world of denial. You don’t see it because you don’t want to see it. If you saw it you would totally freak out because you would see how massive the problem is and how deep in the hole you are. Denial is the contagious disease that you and most Americans have been infected with. Sorry to come down on you but you represent the dumbed down Americans that have taken over this country. So don’t take it personal.


What a joke this socialist country has become.

Comment by Pat Anjali - 06 November 2010

November 14th at 6:50AM Pacific Coast Time (UTC=+ 8)

Comment by obewon - 06 November 2010

My comments here are not directed towards dujac, who certainly is entitled to believe what he wishes to believe.

Anjali Paints An Accurate Picture:
I am a recently retired American, born in the USA, and I gotta say that Pat Anjali has painted an accurate portrait of most Americans by his commentary above. Americans deny many things that are just too painful to analyze and later discover to be true. Examples abound:

1. that they live in the “land of the free”; in reality, there are very few freedoms left. We live in the land of the overtaxed, the over-indebted, the over-watched by our government. Citizens are “used” by the US government to fulfill the government’s objectives (e.g. fight in unjust and unnecessary wars, pay lots of taxes so government officials can use that tax money for their own purposes, etc.).

2. that their government is honest with its people; in reality, our government is one of the most corrupt governments on earth. The US is an imperialist, war-mongering bully of a nation that forces other countries to do what the US wants them to do. The US government manipulates everything, including economic statistics (e.g. unemployment, cost of living, inflation, etc.), stock markets, bond markets, commodities markets, etc.

3. honesty, Part 2: take the cost of living, for example. The biggest factors in the cost of living are food costs and energy costs. Yet those 2 factors have been omitted from their calculations, because, if they weren’t, then the actual cost of living would be much, much higher.

4. that the US treats its citizens in accordance with the Constitution; the US government has trampled on the principals of the Constitution for the past 98 years, beginning with the illegal creation of the Federal Reserve, which is owned by the ultra-rich power elite, and which is operated for the benefit of its owners, not the American citizens.

I could go on, but you get the point.

Getting back to the subject of a market crash:
The US market is now totally broken because there is no “price-discovery” within the system. Brokers and traders have been the government’s frequent PPT and POMO actions every week. The market is broken because there is no trust and most astute investors have no confidence in the market.
The primary reason why the stock market has not returned to “normal” is because of this massive and continued manipulation since March 2009, and this manipulation (together with the failure of the US government to prosecute the fraudulent banksters in NY!) has prevented the market from cleansing itself, by a big correction.

Comment by oratorII - 11 November 2010

I take these predictions with a pich of salt, they been saying it for June/ July/ Aug then Oct. Its Nov now & no crash in sight, on the contrary indices are record high. It might happen in near future as things look gloomy in the west. But TPTB can bring gold & silver prices down from record high, whats next! in words of Faber war!

Comment by cw - 05 January 2011

Read your horror scope from last week ,probably wrong, was it not ?

Comment by Eugene Steele - 05 October 2011

Financial Astrology works. If there is a failure it is due to the astrologer. We are all one and are influenced by forces around us. Go back over 100 years to the writings of George Bayer and others for the methods that work.

Comment by Robert - 23 April 2013

Once in a while, Arch is right, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Arch has been wrong about a lot of things. Arch was wrong about the “major crash” that would occur in 2010. Now he’s wrong about the crash that was to occur by February/March 2013.

Come on people, Arch is wrong far more often than he is right !!!

And for those of you who follow astrology, Arch has Mars square Saturn in his chart. This is indicative of someone operating under a false premise in life. Not that he is false. He does believe what he says. But his thinking is flawed. His predictions are flawed.

At this point, there are plenty of people out there who have been financially hurt by Arch Crawford’s predictions. It’s time for people to NOT take him seriously anymore.

He’s lost money for a lot of people. Including me.

Comment by Arch Crawford - 08 September 2014

Arch Crawford was ranked by third party analysis as #1 Stock Market Timer in 1987, 1994 and 2008 and #2 in 2002. That is out of about 250 martket letters ranked by Hulbert.
He was ranked by Hulbert Digest as #1 Mkt Timer for the 5-year period ending June 1997, for the 2-year period ending June 2003 and for the 2-year period ending Oct 31, 2009.
He was in the bottom 10 in 2006 but was ranked #1 in GOLD Mkt Timing that same year by Timer Digest.
He was also ranked #1 Bond Timer for the year 1994.
Of course there have been bad months and bad years and that is widespread in this business. It may be very difficult for you to find as GOOD a record as this among the oither 250!

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