How to invest silver, Dubai stocks and real estate with Dr Marc Faber

Posted on 07 March 2012 with 1 comment from readers

In an exclusive video interview with ArabianMoney editor and publisher Peter Cooper the widely respected Swiss investment adviser Dr Marc Faber gave his thoughts on investing in silver and how Dubai might be considered as the Switzerland of the Middle East.

There are many such cases where expert traders and market watches give out useful tips about the assets to focus on and the stocks to watch. These signals are pretty useful especially when you are new to the field of trading.

Have you heard about social trading?

Social trading is one of the recently popular trends in trading. If you are new to learning a skill you would find that observing an expert closely watching their moves would help you learn the strategies quickly. Applying this concept to trading is what social trading is all about. When you already have thorough knowledge about trading you would be able to take better decisions as you would be able to understand the ups and downs in the market. But if you are taking your first steps in trading it might appear overwhelming. To tackle this situation, all you need is the right support. If there are some market experts known to make good trading decisions then following them closely would help you mimic their decisions and thus become better in trading. This is what social trading offers you.

Why is social trading a good thing?

Social trading platforms furnish you with useful trading signals on the basis of which you would be able to take good trading decisions. You would not just be able to make profits but also have the market exposure to learn trading in a practical way. If you do not feel confident enough to take your trading decisions yourself there is always the option to use a trading bot like Bitcoin code to take all your trading decisions.

All that being said if you are interested in investing in silver, the hints given by Dr. Marc Faber are sure to be useful for you.

He thought in any future war scenario in the region Dubai would be like Switzerland in World War II ‘because all the rich people have got their money invested in Dubai’. Investment in Dubai therefore makes sense especially at current share and real estate prices.

Silver he holds on a pedestal with gold as the asset of choice and his main objection is to its physical balk in relation to its value…

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Posted on 07 March 2012