Global slump will hit the US next buy gold advises Gerald Celente

Posted on 23 June 2012 with 1 comment from readers

Buying a little gold and silver every month looks a good idea to Gerald Celente of Trends Research. He warns the economic numbers are terrible and that there is no way out of this.

Gerald Celente is the founder of trends research institute, he is the pioneer of trend strategies and is a trend forecaster. He is an author of bestsellers like trend 2000 and trend tracking. He is also the publisher of international trend journal. Celente has maintained his reputation for fearlessly telling the truth and accurate forecasting for last three decades. He possesses expertise in many areas like politics, economics, health, science and many more.  A political atheist forecasts the political changes with rigid ideology and conventional wisdom. He analyses the current events closely and then forecasts the future. He forecast the situation as what it would happen not the way he wants the things to happen. His way of working is very similar to the way a doctors works, like a doctor he also diagnoses the situation depending on the facts gathered and gives his prediction and does not fear of the fact that many people may not like it.

He is an Italian-American born in New York, he describes himself as a citizen of the world. He served as executive assistant to the secretary of New York. He started forecasting in 1993, his predictions included economic collapse, terrorism, and war. In the recent days, he forecasted on fascism, food riots, and tax rebellion. Long before he had predicted on anti-Americanism, Americas worry about immigrants, and falling economy of America. He also predicted about the economic crisis of 2008. He also predicted about the 1997 currency crisis of Asia. Gerald Celente has also predicted that today Bitcoin will rise by 2% and will hit its highest price after 4th January and gold hitting the 7% hike was also his prediction. However, the critics of Gerald does not like his predictions and accused him of successful prediction, and cited all the predictions made by him is wrong. He appeared as a guest in media for many talk shows. Crypto CFD Trader will give you more information about him.

We recall Mr Celente’s warnings about social unrest two years ago. They have proven extremely prescient. The whole world is worried about the financial system and gold prices will continue to escalate…