Higher gold prices in second half predicts World Gold Council

Posted on 17 August 2012 with no comments from readers

Marcus Grubb, managing director of investment research at the World Gold Council, discusses the outlook for gold demand and prices. He speaks with Linzie Janis on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Countdown.’

ArabianMoney is particularly excited about the prospect of Chinese gold ETFs,

The Chinese Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) is expanding and has the potential for future expansion. HuAn Funds launched the market four years back and manage the Chinese Gold ETF. After the recession of 2008, the company started to explore the gold products. As world’s largest financial institutions fell during the recession so the attraction towards gold became more. They did a thorough analysis of gold investment characteristics. They studied the Shanghai stock exchange and Shanghai gold exchange data after many years of investigation they decided to launch gold ETF in China. The gold ETF finally got approval in 2013  and got enlisted in Shanghai stock exchange. The result they achieved was beyond their expectation both in terms of investors response and market effectiveness.

In 2016 saw the rapid increase in the price of gold and its dramatic scaling up.  In the same year, they got two billion subscriptions, till now it is the largest in Asia. The market development depends on several factors. Investors base is one of the importance of them, as the Gold ETF got enlisted now several investors can access it which in turn has generated awareness in other investors.  Creating the investor’s pool was an important achievement for the company as it has brought the evolution in the Chinese gold market. The ETF has given more options to the investors to invest in the gold market in form of gold coins or bars.

Compared to Gold ETF of other parts of the world China gold ETF is still in its infant stage, still is largest in Asia. Important steps were taken to bring up the ETF and they are still working for the progress of the ETF, they are also working on the trading, investment, research of this precious metal.  Crypto Code trading robot is an article to give you more insight into this.

as a way of spreading ownership within the 1.3 billion population of China, but the second half is usually a time for higher gold prices anyway. For our advice on the best way to profit from precious metals this autumn read the next issue of our newsletter (click here).

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