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HSBC investment management sees gold running out of steam in 2013 but got things badly wrong last year

Posted on 17 January 2013 with 5 comments from readers

Bloomberg’s Mark Barton speaks with Charles Morris, head of absolute return at HSBC, about the price of gold in 2013. He thinks the bull market for gold has run out of steam but will recover in due course.

Last year funds run by Mr. Morris had their worst year in a decade with a series of misjudgements. They will be hoping for better returns with their client’s money in 2013…

Posted on 17 January 2013 Categories: Gold & Silver, Investment Gurus, US Stocks, Video Channel

5 Comments posted by readers:

Comment by Tiu - 17 January 2013

They’re probably working on some kind of scam. Best not take advice from banksters these days, they’re a busted flush.

Comment by John Mark - 17 January 2013

He’s going to miss the boat for his investors for a second year running with a measly 5% of gold in his porfolio. He should be reading ArabianMoney.

If he thinks platinum is cheap with reference to gold and that its supply side is limited together with industrial usage, why didn’t he mention silver? It ticks all the same boxes and is way cheaper.

Comment by TomTheMon - 18 January 2013

There are very many vested interests with a liking for a lower bullion price. Not least the holders of German gold that needs to be returned to source, the areas of the world wishing to increase their holdings and finally other institutions looking to increase their own weightings or working on behalf of fae eastern entities.

Comment by steve - 19 January 2013

“Last year HSBC investment managers had their worst year in a decade…” Oh yeah i remember…they were laundering drug money then..weren’t they? Shoulda stuck with gold.

Comment by Ban KKiller - 20 January 2013

HSBC…”too big to jail” for their crimes! Just your basic TYRANNY like in SA. One set of rules for the rich and another set of rules for the masses. NO bank is trust worthy today. Do you need a list of their recent crimes? Governments lie…all of them. Banks own the various governments so that is no surprise.

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