Second Dubai Precious Metals Conference debates the future of gold, silver, palladium and platinum

Posted on 08 April 2013 with 2 comments from readers

ArabianMoney editor and publisher Peter Cooper presents this series of video interviews with some of the top speakers at the Second Dubai Precious Metals Conference that took place on Sunday this week in the Almas or diamond tower in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

He caught up with Alison Burns from Standard Bank, Jeff Rhodes from INTL Commodities and Gary Anderson, CEO of the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange. With 340 participants this year the Precious Metals Conference is now an established part of life in the City of Gold…

The world wide gold industry has emerged rapidly in past few years. The market seems to have adjusted rapidly to accommodate these changes. Gold and other precious metals are seen to capture all markets world wide. The motive of the conference was to bring in the leading players of the industry and discuss these changes. The conference also focused on discussing the challenges and bridges the gap between the newly developing markets and the usual bullion hubs.

Gold has always been the leading choice of investment. For ages, it has been considered the best and the safest way. It is not only because of the value of the gold but also because of its unique properties. Gold is a paperless currency. It cannot be forged or passed on as fake. Gold is also a limited resource. We can only mine or search for gold but we are yet to create the gold from scratch. Because of these unique properties gold and similar other precious metals are also the preferred choices of investors.

With the precious metals still as the favorites, the investors are also keen to try to new options available in the markets. The new and commonly preferred being the cryptocurrencies. Mostly because the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins show many similarities with gold.  Bitcoin is widely known as Digital Gold as it is also a restricted number resource. Like gold, we have to mine the bitcoins.

The gold and other precious metals market has shown many ups and downs. And so has the crypto currencies. But time and again it is proved that they together are fitting for each other and are taking markets to new heights. Though for any type of investment a thorough market research is required. It takes a lot of consideration before investing in any economic market. Even experienced investors cannot predict the market trends. This is why the need for various automated trading systems came into existence.  Qprofit System is a CFD robot. QProfit System relies on complicated quantum technology and the modern progressions in big data investments.