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Financial markets begin the plunge with a hit on gold and emerging market stocks

Posted on 15 April 2013 with 3 comments from readers

You could almost be forgiven for missing the end of the stock market rally as the investment banks roughed up the gold market creating the buying opportunity of the decade and silver followed in short order.

Emerging markets are also taking a pasting. Time to put in the short positions on the major markets. This is just the start of the long plunge we have been predicting for ages. Stay long and you are dead.

PM fall

But precious metals will both lead the downward plunge and be the first to rise. Probably that will also be true of the emerging markets.

This is going to be a hideous plunge for stocks, these drops in precious metals and emerging markets are just the opening shots in a nasty battle to the bottom.

Standby for some interesting days ahead in financial markets and just sell, sell, sell! Don’t be fooled by the raid on gold. The emerging markets are an early warning too.

Posted on 15 April 2013 Categories: Banking & Finance, Bond Markets, Gold & Silver, Hedge Funds, US Dollar, US Stocks

3 Comments posted by readers:

Comment by juwaad beg - 15 April 2013

when you say sell sell sell, does that also apply to selling physical gold and silver? Also with the onset of a financial armagedon and the debaccling of the next derivatives crisis will we be safe in dubai real estate or only in precious metals?

Comment by desert dream - 15 April 2013

Stock Markets agreed but you have been totally wrong on Gold…you were extremely bullish over the past few months advocating buying and now it has crashed..the gold bubble is over and this is the start of the downward spiral…it is not at all a buying oppurtunity..have u heard of catching a falling knife?

Ed Note: Read the articles again, we always mentioned what a stock market correction might do to gold and advocate riding out a crash for much bigger upside later.

Comment by Name Required - 16 April 2013

I thought the reason gold and silver are plunging is that the paper traders rocked the market and weak money and money seeking higher returns in the stock market have left the PM market. General feeling is Bull Run is over.

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