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End of the road for the Agora Financial Investment Symposium and the contrarians?

Posted on 20 July 2013 with no comments from readers

This will be the fifth time ArabianMoney has crossed the Atlantic in July to participate in the Agora Financial Investment Symposium, a huge convention for readers of its excellent financial newsletters held each year in Vancouver. But sadly this is the last one.

Every great show reaches the end of the road sometime. Agora plans to reinvent its conference as a series of smaller events scattered around the world. We hope Dubai ends up with one because its style of contrarian investment advice would be welcomed by expatriates and nationals alike.

Dubai’s renaissance

Indeed, this is the thinking that has helped to make ArabianMoney a success over the past five years. It’s not been an easy path. Dubai has risen from its cardiac arrest in 2008-9 to make a full recovery in that time frame.

Next Wednesday at the end of the afternoon ArabianMoney editor and publisher Peter Cooper will be making a final address to the symposium explaining just how dramatic this recovery has been and how investors still have room to profit from it.

If you can’t drop everything and fly to Vancouver to hear his presentation then the next issue of the ArabianMoney investment newsletter will have a full version of the speech and charts (subscribe here). Agora Financial was the inspiration for this publication and remains a keen supporter of its message to Arabian readers.

We hope the closing of the Agora Financial Investment Symposium is not the end of the road but the start of a new beginning. Still we very much doubt that many of the ideas trumpeted by speakers at this event have passed their sell by date, if they can be criticized it will only be for being ahead of their time.

Contrarian blues

This does not look a good year for contrarian investors at the moment. Gold and silver have slumped in price from recent highs, and all associated stocks are big losers. The world has not come to an end for Wall Street. The long rally continues. In fact it is the contrarians who look down at heel and can’t even muster a big conference any longer.

Spot the bottom of the cycle! Contrarians aren’t dead. They are simply resting. All markets move in cycles. Remember how rosy things looked for some investors in the first half of 2008 and what happened to them later that year. Pride cometh before a fall?

Are we in a real recovery or on the brink of another debt disaster? That’s what the symposium next week will really be about. Speakers from Jim Rickards to Doug Casey and Agora founder Bill Bonner will be debating just that issue.

ArabianMoney will be taking part too and reporting back for a final time from Vancouver.

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