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Is Janet Yellen the end of the road for gold as nothing can now go wrong for stock market investors?

Posted on 17 November 2013 with 1 comment from readers

Any contrarian investor ought to see a red flag when listening to this sort of video report. Wall Street thinks it has gold pinned to the ropes right now and that Janet Yellen as Fed chairman means that nothing can go wrong for stock market investors. Does that not sound like estate agents talking up the subprime housing boom right at the top?

Far from being the end of the road for gold bugs Grandma Yellen is the best news since Ben Bernanke invented QE money printing. She’s wholly commited to money printing forever and a day and is tugging on the string for as long as it takes as far as gold is concerned. Inflation will be bad news for stocks and good news for gold and silver. Spot the message Wall Street does not like!

Voice-of-the-street Bloomberg Economics Editor Michael McKee takes a snide look at the impact of comments on gold by Federal Reserve chairman-nominee Janet Yellen during her Senate confirmation hearing. She wore a chunky gold necklace for the occasion. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s ‘In The Loop’…

Posted on 17 November 2013 Categories: Gold & Silver, US Stocks, Video Channel

1 Comment posted by readers:

Comment by Howie - 18 November 2013

Apparently you can be the Economic Editors at Bloomberg and spout off about financial matters e.g. gold, in which you are totally ignorant or perhaps just dissembling the public with utter nonsense.

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