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Is China colluding with top bullion traders to suppress the gold price while buying up global gold reserves?

Posted on 06 December 2013 with 5 comments from readers

Bud Conrad, Casey Research chief economist, predicts that the US dollar will implode and be replaced with a new currency, quite possibly one backed by gold, in this fascinating interview with Future Money Trends. Why then is the gold price dropping like a brick in the face of dollar devaluation?

Watch the video for Bud’s eye-opening answer. This is manipulation by very big traders, notably JP Morgan and possibly acting in collusion with China…

Posted on 06 December 2013 Categories: Gold & Silver, Investment Gurus, Video Channel

5 Comments posted by readers:

Comment by Bob - 06 December 2013

Now the Chinese are part of the gold manipulation conspiracy? ROFLOL!

Wear tin foil hats – ‘they’ re listening!

Comment by veracity - 07 December 2013

Actually Sinclair and all the Gold commentators you deride with so much vitriol are technically correct and gold would have reacted as predicted. Alas the US Government / ESF in collusion with the WS banksters were then, and always were, very short Gold in naked contracts and price!

So they connived to smash the price big time; in fact it has always been suppressed and smashed from time to time, but since April 2011 for Silver and September 2011 for Gold, these manipulators decided that they better completely destroy the price with unprecedented vengeance and have done so ever since, or else they’re all blown sky high with their naked shorts, all the thousands of tons of stolen oz from customer accounts, and leases at much lower prices.

Back in April 2013, 15 of the biggest bankster crims met at the WH just when they were about to default and the entire criminal, fractional Gold racket was about to blow up in their ugly faces.
And lo and behold, just hours later the most gigantic raid with hundreds of tons of naked shorts commenced to destroy prices in Gold and Silver, and has never stopped since.

There is no disputing the facts that Gold and Silver prices are 100% controlled and suppressed by these criminals in the USG and WS.

And it is clear that no one could ever, even in their wildest imagination, anticipate that they could be of such incomprehensible criminality and venality and destroy the price with such callousness to far below production costs. From $1920 down to $1180 for Gold, from $49.78 down to $18.20 for Silver, that’s the price destruction these crims have wreaked upon an entire industry, when production costs are much higher than current prices, all so these crims could save their hides after their wicked crimes got them into nigh bankruptcy.

Yep that’s OUR government!

Comment by andre - 08 December 2013

I really loved your comments. And I can’t understand why there are not more persons joining their voices to the small crowd that is not accepting being taken in hostage.
Now, if we have (pray, pray) a short squeeze, I would very much like to see Jamie’s balls reduced to peanuts!

Comment by Blackswancrash - 09 December 2013

Shhhh, Bud, dont talk of gold being manipulated or you will be rapped on the knuckles by your boss Casey, or has he too now at last finally come on board and recognised what was so blatently obvious for all to see? That the USa govt via the 4 large banking houses, suppress the price of gold to make the dollar still look credible!

Comment by Robert - 12 December 2013

China is increasing its Gold reserve to make its currency strong.

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