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Stocks could be ‘dead money for a while’ warns Marc Faber in an interview with Barron’s

Posted on 29 December 2013 with 1 comment from readers

Author of the ‘Doom, Boom and Gloom Report’ Dr. Marc Faber thinks the year ahead could see stocks as ‘dead money for a while’. He also thinks the gold price has probably now reached a bottom with strong Chinese buying balanced against a sell-off by investors in the West.

Gold stocks are now one of the few recommendations he makes for the New Year aside from expecting a cyclical upturn in European multinationals…

Posted on 29 December 2013 Categories: Banking & Finance, Bond Markets, Global Economics, Gold & Silver, Investment Gurus, Sovereign Wealth Funds, US Stocks, Video Channel

1 Comment posted by readers:

Comment by Andy - 29 December 2013

The YEN is at around 105 now (take or give) We may see 110-120 in 2014. When the YEN bottoms then Gold/Silver should have bottomed. As the YEN drops I reckon that the market in the US and Japan should also see some more gains. I would think that once we hit these numbers then the market turns around. Little more room at the top I reckon. Hard to call the exact top though.

He did get the Chinese tourists right though for Thailand because I go often so I know this.

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