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Time to get ahead in your investment thinking?

Posted on 30 December 2013 with no comments from readers

The New Year Special Edition of the ArabianMoney investment newsletter is published today and available exclusively by private subscription (click here). The newsletter provides actionable investment advice on Dubai real estate, precious metals, stocks and any other asset class likely to be of interest to Arabian investors.

For 2014 the newsletter boldly forecasts a reversal of the three year triumph of equities over commodities, though this will be more down to a correction in overblown stock markets as interest rates rise and QE is wound up than renewed strength in commodities.

Toppy bourses

Wall Street and Japanese equities both exhibit the classic signs of a blow-off top. Dubai and Iran are the kings of the frontier stock markets with more than 100 per cent gains in 2013 and surely riding for a fall. That said Dubai real estate could still roll forward to show 10-15 per cent gains in 2014 if estate agents Knight Frank are correct.

Then again ArabianMoney investment newsletter readers get an exclusive analysis of shadow inventory oversupply and what that might mean for house prices in 2014 in this New Year Special Edition. Nobody else has this inside information and we are not publishing it on this website either.

Being better informed is the first stage to being a more successful investor. You also have to be prepared to bet against the crowd at critical turning points. That’s a lot easier said than done. ArabianMoney can’t claim to get it right all the time either but we get it right more often than most.

Hot tips

Do you recall our hot tips on Dubai property almost two years ago? Those who took our advice then are close to doubling their money now. Remember how our editor stood up in a Vancouver forum of a thousand US investors in summer 2010 to tell them to buy and hold Dubai stocks? Those who do must wish they had taken that advice too.

On gold and silver we remain firmly bullish and await the rebound from this year’s sell-off as the folly of Wall Street becomes apparent. Those who sold bullion to buy paper have made the worst mistake of their lives unless they act soon.

So what’s in store for 2014? Can we perhaps make a few of our readers rich again? We’re counting on it! Why not become a subscriber and read what you are missing?

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