Gold is set up for a huge technical rally to $7,000-9,000 an ounce says hedge fund MD and author Jim Rickards

Posted on 01 January 2014 with no comments from readers

Gold is set up for a ‘huge technical rally’ to $7,000-9,000 an ounce because physical gold is disappearing fast from the market, and there will be nothing there when buyers return. That will be a relief to those who lost 30 per cent on their gold holdings last year.

Some people say gold investment is nothing and it will have no value in future. But I can say that gold is always gold and the return value is also fine. So, investing in gold is the best way to yield profit without any stress and effort. Gold rates will rise or fall depending on the market trends. But mostly gold rates will never decrease and it always has a high cost in the market. The traders can better invest in gold than investing in commodities or something else.

The traders can use some automated trading robot software for doing trading in the absence of them. They are so user-friendly and it will lessen the work of the traders. We can read some reviews about them from many websites and proceed with it. Those software will provide some educational services to the new traders to learn about trading and its importance. The value of the trades will vary depending on the market trends. So, the traders should be careful in watching the changes in prices. When the value is low, it is the best time to buy trades and when the value is high, that will be the time to sell the trades.

The traders should first read about the Bitcoin Loophole review and opinions from the sites and then decide whether it is a scam or a legit software. The market values are so unpredictable and it is even difficult for the experienced traders to predict the values. The trading softwares have many advantages and disadvantages in it. The main advantage is it requires no download of any files and it has a customer support team to support the customers at any time in all seven days in a week. So the traders will feel so comfortable to use this software. The disadvantage here is it always requires a stable internet connection. When the network fails sometimes, we may face some heavy losses. So, the traders should be strong and bold enough to face both the profits and the losses.

Tangent Capital Partners Senior Managing Director Jim Rickards discusses the price of gold with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Money Moves’…