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Still time to catch our hot tips for 2014 in the first Arabianmoney newsletter of the New Year!

Posted on 05 January 2014 with no comments from readers

It’s still too early to say whether our monthly subscription newsletter has called the New Year correctly but the first indications are good with silver and gold rallying sharply and stocks going on an unexpected downer as we expected.

However, it is one thing to make the analysis that you will get for free on this companion website. It is quite another to give out our hottest tips for where to actually invest in 2014. For that we do have to charge a modest annual subscription, although we are keeping prices unchanged for the moment.

Actionable recommendations

The ArabianMoney investment newsletter fills in the missing gaps with actionable recommendations each month. Of course we can’t get it right all the time, nobody does. But our call on Dubai property almost two years ago has left some of our readers more than $500,000 wealthier.

If you had taken our advice on Dubai stocks and bought-and-held just over three years ago then you would have more than doubled your money by now, admittedly with a few challenging corrections along that path. However, ArabianMoney is not just about local investment ideas.

We look at almost anything that might interest Arabian investors. This year our top tip is gold and gold stocks. Where the newsletter takes you a stage further is by identifying our proprietary ways of gearing up on a gold price rise to make a lot more money.

Last year’s stars

We have not lost interest in Dubai real estate or the local stock market, but we doubt the returns for investors will match 2013’s record results. You want to be buying ahead of the next trend not following up behind when all the easy money is already made.

Gold with its 30 per cent fall last year and silver, off 36 per cent are our contrarian picks for the New Year. Both have just put in double bottoms on their technical charts. On some measures they have never been more oversold in recent investment history. Contrast that with stocks which have not been this popular since just before the 1987 Wall Street Crash.

Buying what is cheap and selling what has become expensive is the simple way to investment riches, but so often people do the opposite. If you want our advice read the ArabianMoney investment newsletter, and if you contact us today we will send you the New Year edition immediately so that you can get the inside story (subscribe here).

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