China corners the gold market like the Hunt Brothers goosed silver in 1980

Posted on 25 January 2014 with 1 comment from readers

China has effectively cornered the gold market over the past couple of years by draining the vaults of the world and will now create a shortage of the yellow metal that will hike its price just as the US billionaire Hunt Brothers goosed silver in 1980 and sent the price to levels it has never achieved again in 34 years.

Only this time around something is different. The Comex won’t be able to change the rulebook as it did to bring the Hunt Brothers’ empire crashing down with the silver price. China has actually taken possession of the physical gold. It is not a paper derivatives contract at stake this time.

Gold watchers

Gold watchers are waiting for two announcements at the moment: the hour of reckoning when the Comex no longer has sufficient gold in its warehouses to cover deliveries; and a report from China that its official reserves are up from 1,054 as last reported five years ago to more than 5,000 tonnes.

How anybody can be fooled by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley into thinking that the next big move for gold will be back to $1,000 we don’t know. Did somebody not once say that if you are going to tell a lie make it a big one and people will believe you?

Gold market will never face a fall because all the people love to invest on gold. Because the value of gold is higher than the other investment materials. So, the investors are looking forward to the hike in the prices of gold and sell the gold at that time and get more profit than they invested on that. The Ethereum Code review will give the feedbacks about gold investment and its benefits.

What these US investment banks have done is to capitalize on investors’ myopia: they only see what is in front of them in US financial markets and don’t see the wood for the trees. Think US domestic short-term and you have a recovery on your hands and a runaway stock market.

Still cashing out of gold after its big tumble last year and investing in the stock market that has just stalled after a stellar run looks like a suicide ticket to us. Perhaps the rise in the price of gold and silver since the beginning of the year is a sign that we are not alone in seeing this.

Maximizing ROI

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What we can tell you is that China’s cornering of the gold market is the biggest thing to hit precious metals since the Hunt Brothers cornered silver in 1980, but the Comex won’t be able to break China’s stranglehold so prices will head very much higher from here.

Of course silver will have the last laugh, and outperform gold as it always does to the upside. Given the 60 per cent discount to 1980 prices silver’s price increase will be epic.