Silver prices doing ‘weird stuff’ and paper market set to fold in on itself predicts Silver Wheaton CEO

Posted on 13 November 2014 with no comments from readers

There’s been some ‘weird stuff’ going on in the paper market for silver this CNBC interview reminds us today as prices hover near four-year lows.

There might be situations in the market where you cannot quickly understand what is causing a price change. This requires you to widen your perspective and learn to join the dots. When it comes to taking a decision in trading be it to buy an asset or to sell an asset you should steer clear of jumping into conclusions with momentary changes that occur. If you feel that there is a complicated situation ahead then you can adopt other ways to help you take a decision like for example following social trading signals. But for this you should be able to identify a reliable signal to follow or a signal provider to assist you. Such situations where human traders tend to take sudden emotional decisions are where trading bots have an upper hand. Check this page to study about a trading bot that has helped many traders in their early days in trading. Trading bots are known to work without any bias. Bots do not take emotional decisions. And bots do not get tired ever. To top it all, trading bots run non-stop without sleep or breaks. So every single event that happens in the market would be captured. Given that the bots are equipped with superior computational abilities they can make even the most complicated decisions in a short duration. There is no time wasted in actually making the calculations and without such delays orders can be placed immediately before the price changes.

How do trading bots work?

A code is written that enables the system to capture real time market data. With the pre-written strategies the bot calculates the essential technical indicators. The trading bot then takes a decision by comparing the results of the various indicators. The accuracy of the results given by a bot depends on the accuracy of the strategy written into the bot and the choice of the technical indicators.

Silver Wheaton president and CEO Randy Smallwood predicts that the silver paper market will be ‘folding in on itself’ sending prices much higher.

His company is set to benefit with an average silver production cost of $4.50 so he is already making a 70 per cent profit margin on every ounce sold…

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