Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki holds no US stocks and expects a hedge fund failure to implode the market

Posted on 19 January 2015 with 3 comments from readers

What’s Rich Dad book author Robert Kiyosaki doing with his money these days? He holds no stocks or other paper assets. He’s entirely into hard assets like gold and silver and real estate.

GoldSeek Radio’s Chris Waltzek talks to David Gurwitz managing director at Charles Nenner Research and widely followed guru Robert Kiyosaki. Last week was the best week for gold prices in more than a year, while US stocks are down five per cent so far in 2015. But is the fun just getting started for precious metal investors?

The mantra to keep the cash flow on, by investing in multiple businesses and real estates with very less initial investment, but great returns was the suggested by the self-acclaimed Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki. The marketing guru created the belief and wrote that the essence of making money with preferably someone else’s could build an empire. This kept many of the personal financiers and journalist to follow his advice on the thinking of being the rich dad and follow his seminars and classes based on the sales pitch of making more money, empower their lives and spiritual growth.

What set this marketing guru apart was his preaching of sacrificing, which most of the modern age preachers believe, however set apart from the belief of saving up money for the good old days ,but to invest leisurely in small amounts and reaps the benefits hugely, creating a continuous income flow. One strange thing was no ever went broke following the financial smarts and ever undermine the American public, Kiyosaki have even earned millions thought their description of wealth seems to be more than holding stocks otherwise.


With many sales pitches, doing rounds the main motto of the writers who preach about making money out rightly with investments in real estates and stocks. However, they fail to give the disclaimer that these areas are highly volatile and one should not pump in more money at a single time, eventually going bankrupt, which is yet another strategic use to avoid the entire suit, which companies will follow to get back all their share of money invested on just mere thoughts of the writer. This person never came into the a list of the wealthy, and maintained a low profile yet is believed to control most of the corporate eventually having a dubious personality managed to be write a great marketing strategy for the book and ,pulled the sentiments of the public to invest, sacrifice and go bankrupt.