Marc Faber: buy gold and gold stocks and short the Hong Kong dollar

Posted on 02 September 2015 with no comments from readers


Always a controversial contrarian investment guru and Gloom, Boom & Doom Report editor Marc Faber now says to short the Hong Kong dollar as the devaluation of the yuan puts its peg to the US dollar under pressure.

The Sage of Chiang Mai is also keen on gold and gold shares as the only safe investment left in the world…

As per the leading debaters, the global economy is in crisis. There are very few safe havens for the investors. The Cyprus bank crisis has left investors thinking that even the bank deposits are not safe. While talking about the unemployment in Europe and its impacts, the precious metals and the economic slowdown of China they also shared their thoughts on investments in such unpredictable times. Their suggestion was to diversify the investments and not to rely on a single entity. Investing in multiple markets as real estate, equities, gold and other precious metals as well as bonds is the best go.

Investors can also look for emerging economies like exchange-traded funds or ETFs. Investing in stocks market has always been risky. But earning quick money comes with risks. With the Cyprus bank crisis, investors cannot even keep the money safe in banks too. In such crucial times, it is very important to diversify the investment and keep studying the market trends. For this, we need systems that can take in the current as well as the historical data and give us the proper analysis of the market trends. There are many such trading robots available in the market as of now. Ethereum Code is one of the leading. Check the latest research to understand is the Ethereum Code legit.

In volatile times markets can look distorted. With the extent of debt of GDP and the low economic standards, it is highly recommended to own gold. Gold has been in the market for ages as the investor’s popular choice. And there is no chance it is going to go away any time soon. Also, gold’s influence on the economy depends on how safe the other investments are turning out to be. When the markets are shaky investors see gold as their safe haven. Price of gold is considered the trademark for determining the health of the economy. Lower the gold price more stable the economy is.

Though nobody can predict how the markets will turn it is always advisable to diversify the investment for a better outcome.