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How to score like an Arabian millionaire investor…

Have you been working in the Middle East for many years and not saved a dollar? Are you a US retiree with time to study a market that offers investors something different? Or are you a fund manager with more than $5 billion under management? We have something for all of you…

Now in its fifth year of publication ArabianMoney is still the only confidential investment newsletter for private subscription in this region. We look at the investment universe from an Arabian perspective as well as searching for the very best investment opportunities in this high-growth neighborhood, if not one without a problem or two.

Subscribe today and ArabianMoney will arrive in your email box at the end of every month. We will rush you the current edition straight away. Create your own successful Arabian investment strategy. Become another Arabian millionaire. Our editor did it, why not you too?

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As the ‘City of Gold’ Dubai is also an excellent platform from which to view the outlook for gold and silver as well as more obviously oil. Commodities are king in this region.

  • We made 83% on our top 2012-13 Dubai real estate recommendation. The Dubai Financial Market General Index was up 110% in 2013. But be careful right now.
  • Dubai real estate we know backwards. We’ve been investing from Day One in 2002. It’s been our biggest success. But wait for the correction to finish first.
  • We got precious metals right in 2010-11. Join us for the real adventure in 2015 as bond markets blow up. How do you actually invest in silver?
  • ArabianMoney has contacts. The experience. The inside story. We not only tip the asset classes that will make you rich. We will tell you how to do it.
  • ArabianMoney publishes proprietory advice that is not published elsewhere. These are the tips that are missing from our website.
  • Nobody is telling us what to say. ArabianMoney is independently owned and written without a political agenda.
  • The Gulf States are among the richest per capita nations in the world but are often ignored by global investors. Yet the Dubai Financial Market and Dubai real estate was right at the top of global investment league tables last year. Inclusion in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index this summer is a seminal moment, if indeed the market top as we told our subscribers well in advance.

    Where next? Will we see an ‘investable bottom’ as markets sell-off this autumn? The experts at ArabianMoney have the answers for our premium subscribers first. Still this autumn is looking different.

    Oil revenues in the Gulf are now falling and not rising. The Arab Spring is reversing with Egypt coming back up and the money Egyptians deposited in Dubai going home. The dynamics of the Middle East are in constant flux. Why not have an adviser of your own in the thick of it?

    There will be money to be made here again. The Oil States are rich. Saudi wants to open up its stock market to foreigners next year. Will you hear about these developments before or after the opportunity?

    ArabianMoney is a good read, once a month. That’s not much time to invest in the Middle East.