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Dubai outperformed the world in stocks and property in 2013 and remains an excellent longterm investment

Now in its fifth year of publication ArabianMoney is still the only independent investment newsletter available in this region. We look at the rest of the world from an Arabian perspective as well as searching for the best investment opportunities in this neighborhood.

As the ‘City of Gold’ Dubai is also an excellent platform from which to view the outlook for precious metals. Commodities are king in this region.

  • We made 83% on our top 2012-13 Dubai property recommendation. The Dubai Financial Market General Index was up 110% in 2013.
  • ArabianMoney is guaranteed to improve your understanding of the Arabian investment scene. We have the experience. The contacts. The inside story. We tip the stocks, real estate and commodities that will make you rich. We search for the best investments.
  • We got precious metals right in 2010-11, join us for the real money to come in 2014. How do you gear up to make the most money?
  • ArabianMoney publishes 18-pages of analysis 12 times a year. This is proprietory advice and you will not find it available free on this website.
  • Articles in ArabianMoney are succinct and easy to read. We stick to the point, and highlight where and how to invest.
  • No hidden agendas. Nobody is telling us what to say. ArabianMoney is independently owned by a very successful Arabian investor.
  • The Gulf States are among the richest per capita nations in the world but often ignored by global investors. Yet the Dubai Financial Market and Dubai real estate was right at the top of global investment league tables last year. Should you not also be looking at these markets?

    Few have noticed that oil revenues in the Gulf are now running at record historic highs. That’s a lot of cash to fire up local investment classes. The Arab Spring has also brought a rush into safe havens, benefiting some of the smaller Gulf States. This region could be one of the few winners from money printing in a global recession as oil prices will stay high as a consequence…

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