Gerald Celente mulls the global economic crisis Part 3

Posted on 11 June 2010 with no comments from readers

The final part of Gerald Celente’s tour de force with Max Keiser. The breakdown of US geopolitical power is not really as evident as its economic problems but this is coming soon.

Having said that, the economic problems surfacing in United States is affecting its GDP as well as global dominance. Countless citizens in the country are facing the brunt of it in one or the other form- mainly financially. However, many of them are still doing fine and have stable financial back-up and hold in the market even now. Well, that is because of nothing else but the current prosperous trend of cryptocurrency and their share in it.

Buying and storing some highly favourable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins has totally become the talk of the town right now. Almost every second individual is getting convinced by the lucrative offers and profits offered by it and are floating their money in this venture for greater financial sources in the future. This is also making them self-dependent for all kinds of financial needs they might get to face in time to come. If they continue their involvement in buying Bitcoins, they will not be required to approach the banks in future to cater their monetary requirements. Instead, they will be able to conveniently sell of their cryptocurrency with dealers in exchange of goods and services needed by them. The whole process will be too quick and hassle-free. For some special info on how this medium functions and how you can go about availing all the lucrative advantages, go through the reviews shared for leading online crypto trading robots and pick the best one to get started with your first investment in digital currency.

There was a time when people were more inclined to invest in stock market. Today, times have changed. The dynamic nature of stock market has compelled people to re-think whether they should continue with their investments in it or try new promising ventures like digital currency. Seeing the beneficial gains coming out of Bitcoins, majority of the investors have directed themselves towards the cryptocurrency market and are placing their money in it for outstanding results. It has been anticipated that this particular industry is going to break the market sensationally like nothing in the past, not even stock market.

Gerald Celente expects the stock market to crash this year and usher in a new depression era in the United States. Unfortunately for all concerned this trends forecaster has called few misses in a very long career.