It Gives Me Jitters To Think That People On The Internet Wield So Much Influence

It Gives Me Jitters To Think That People On The Internet Wield So Much Influence


On any other occasion I would have never been bothered about any reviews on the internet:

But when I read not one, not ten but hundreds of negative reviews on the internet about my favorite trading software Bitcoin Trader, it just did not make me upset but it ran a shiver down my spine that these reviews were not just farthest from the truth but were doctored to create an impression that this software was at its source a fraud and only swindling the money of its trader patrons.

I have been on this software for the most part of eight months and I cannot even begin telling you how good the software is!

It is one of the most ethical of software that I can point a finger at in an industry that is mushrooming with hundreds of scammer software.

I know what the strategy of the haters is!

These haters on the internet who go on cribbing about completely legit software such as this to be a scam are actually trying to influence the people of the internet by sheer numbers. If they cannot convince they are trying to confuse the people more so that they get discouraged from signing up on legit software.

How will that benefit them you ask?

Well, if a trader does not log on to legit software, there are at least a dozen scam software that is waiting to catch him and draw him towards them with false hopes and tall promises. Some of the promises are so hilarious that it is difficult to even fathom how investors and traders are drawn towards them!

This software has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me!

After a losing streak of more than one and half years mostly because of getting onto the wrong kind of software, I was dejected beyond words. I had given myself one more chance after which I would have quit trading itself.

Thank god that this software did not let me down:

It is not really about the money that I would have lost; it is the betrayal of trust that makes me emotional. Here are traders who risk their hard earned money to the tune of hundreds of dollars in order to make small sometimes just tiny additions to their bottom line and then there are crooks who will shatter their dreams by either swindling it off on the pretext of wrong trades or will simply bring his trading account to zilch and close their shutters. I sometimes think what kind of spineless species they be to exhibit such inhumanness!