Rule of Three

All the new markets and products are generally created or started by the first one or two movers or start-ups. They are quick to see the opportunities and are ready to take risks. After their initial success, it is usual to see many more players jump in and try to capitalize on this potential. Slowly, more and more players jump into this market or start producing the same products. Soon the market is fragmented with many companies competing for the market share and increasing their revenue. According to the Rule of Three, eventually all new markets will mature and consolidation will take place and only a handful of companies will control the market. A number of economists after a lot of research agree that about 70 to 90 percent of the market will be dominated by 2 or 3 players and the rest will be with small or niche companies.

It is almost like companies have only two options: buy or be bought. One of the reasons we see many start-ups which have started well and are continuing to do well are bought and taken over. It is not a bad deal because the start-ups have limited resources and growing beyond a certain point requires much more capital and bigger setup. Bigger companies are always on the look-out for smaller companies which are either doing very well and can create problems for the bigger company or companies which are not doing well but can be turned around or can add some value to the bigger company. Rule of three can turn the market into a playground for the big companies and they can control the market according to their wishes. The customer does not remain the king anymore.

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