Marc Faber bullish on the US dollar

Posted on 14 October 2011 with 1 comment from readers

Fifth wisest investor in the world according to a Bloomberg poll, Dr Marc Faber is bullish about the outlook for the US dollar but sees a continuation of immense volatility in financial markets.

He notes that global liquidity is tightening despite all the money printing by central banks and this is bad for asset prices and good for the US dollar. But Dr Faber reckons ’something big’ is coming up…

It might change the entire scenario. But, it may take a lot of time to stabilize the market. The effects of the major movements in the society are the most influential features. Especially the political arena. When there is a complete democratic change, we have new economic and monetary policies coming in. It has a huge reflection on the financial market as a whole.

This indeed affects, the common people and their investments too. We have millions of such investors around the world panicking every moment thinking about their investments. To relieve such tough moments, we have other secure means of investing. Cryptocurrencies for example. They are considered highly secure as they are completely encrypted. We also have online trading options to make things simpler. These are called auto trading robots. It is designed by professional people with sophisticated tools to design a well accomplished software system. This will completely give satisfaction that is more than required for all its users.

They are designed to monitor the market movements and trends and maintain it in a secure database. The outcomes of it is also stored. This allows it to be capable of analysing the different market changes and accurately forecast the right decision to be taken. Cryptocurrency trading has reached many dimensions in this manner. This is a useful source to see and invest. Global life has demanded a challenging life always because of the innumerable conditional factors in the market. It is up to us to decide on how to secure our investments and businesses as to have a blessed future. Strong decisions once taken and followed regularly will reap great profits in the future. This is a serious step one has to take in life.