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Investors start to take risk off the table as Fed money printing winds down

Posted on 24 August 2013 with no comments from readers

Interest rates have already had the sharpest hike in decades this summer. Investors are starting to creep out the back door with only the leading stocks keeping the indexes up and a record number of non-index shares at 12-month lows.

The market is set up for one hell of a fall when this illusion of strength is broken. Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft sent its shares up 10 per cent but relying on CEO resignations to support stocks going forward is not going to work!

Bloomberg’s Joe Brusuelas previews what investors should watch for next week on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Bottom Line’…

Posted on 24 August 2013 Categories: Banking & Finance, Bond Markets, Global Economics, Hedge Funds, Investment Gurus, Sovereign Wealth Funds, US Stocks, Video Channel

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