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Worst month for US stock markets since May 2012 and going lower?

Posted on 31 August 2013 with no comments from readers

August 2013 was the worse month for US stock markets in 15 months with the S&P 500 closing down more than three per cent. It’s been an incredible run up. Will it be an amazing fall this autumn?

Surging oil prices, higher interest rates and the prospect of US intervention in Syria do not bode well for the immediate future. Did somebody say ‘sell’!?

Aegis CIO Stanley Crouch discusses the outlook for the US stock market and his investment strategy with Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Street Smart’…

Posted on 31 August 2013 Categories: Banking & Finance, Bond Markets, Investment Gurus, US Stocks, Video Channel

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