Mike Swanson: US stocks lined up for 40-50% crash like 1929,1974,1987, 2001, 2007-9

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US stock markets will not just stop at their recent correction but now go on to a full blown crash with share indexes off 40 to 50 per cent from peak valuations, according to this latest video from market tipster Mike Swanson with David Skarica.

The predictions for the year were not all bright right from the starting, but were not this worse. The reason behind this last-minute may be the lack of any early or pre-timed initiatives to widen the share market and its factors or to exert any significant steps to save the grace of the Treasury assets. The result became a clearer picture when the forecasts modified into reports of falling Treasury assets more than what could be saved to keep them as safe as they can be. When the benchmarks are rendered insecure, there is no point in mentioning about other assets, the equities and bonds to the least.

The bitcoins may be thriving in popularity and takers and the efficiency of mining software might be adding to the favorable winds, but a single, but firm voice asking Is Bitcoin Trader a scam can rattle the enthusiasm of the miners for quite some time. It may eventually fade off or continue to grow and create havoc in the cryptomarket.

Some of the crashes in the history before either started off in the US and spread to other economies as well and the others started locally and then rattled the balance of the US. The ultimate aim of all the stock owners and shareholders is to perform fairly in the US stock market. Any significant alteration in the financial regulations of the trade and business in other countries will not die out without leaving a relative impression on the share values in the US economy and market. For example, if there is a tariff increase in the goods imported from the US, it triggers off a chain reaction up to the manufacturing structures.

These guys have been spot-on so far this summer with their warning of a July break and further weakness in August. Unlike many commentators they now see a much bigger sell-off coming this autumn. Here they explain why…

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