Bill Gross says we are at the start of a very bloody bond war

Posted on 15 August 2013 with no comments from readers

He’s called an end to the 30-year rally in bonds. Now he is describing the market in military terms as a war in which there are going to be many casualties. This is the story of this autumn…

Whenever you engage trading in cryptocurrency market, it is best if you distribute your investments in all sector. You should put your money in bond market, currency market, cryptocurrency market, stocks, etc, so that if one market faces a downfall, you will not end up losing all your money. This way you can distribute the risks associated with the market changes. There are varied markets which you can opt for trading. Listed below are few of them.

Cryptocurrency market- In this market, you will be majorly trading in digital currencies. The most popular digital currency is bitcoin. Other coins which the traders deal with are ethereum, litecoin,etc.  This is a growing market and it has come into existence few years back. The best part of this market is that you can choose a trading robot to execute all your orders or conduct the trading on your behalf. There are quite a few which has been delivering good results through out.  Navigate to this website, to know more about it.

Capital market- In this market, both the corporate institutions and private individuals trade in financial securities.  The organizations sell their company bonds and stocks to investors in the capital market in order to raise money for meeting their financial needs.  Stock market is a capital market where in the organization’s shares are available to buy and sell by the investors.

Money market- Investors who prefer to trade for short-term will invest in the money market securities.  Private investors who have money with them to invest will put their funds into treasury bills, certificate of deposits, etc. The return on this investment is lower when compared to other markets.

Derivatives market- The derivates market is suitable only for experienced investors. The agreement that is entered in the market involves the specified assets performance.  The specified assets include bond, stock or commodity.

If you are able to distribute your funds wisely over these markets, then you will surely be able to make money without facing much loss.

Pimco Founder and Co-CIO Bill Gross discusses bonds, Federal Reserve monetary policy and his investment strategy with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Market Makers’…